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All4One Telecoms is a directory with a call connection services to some of the UK’s biggest companies and brands!

Find company telephone numbers & get connected right away!

Today more and more businesses are now hiding their phone numbers and many of their customers are going through an extremely difficult search to find these numbers. We don’t make you search or answer questions before revealing a phone number. This is because our online support is less expensive for companies to manage and a preferred form of support.

Our goal is to eliminate a difficult number searching by offering call directory services that connect you directly with the business you are searching for, fast and easy. Online support can be helpful, but we all know that sometimes we need a quick fix. Certain things are just easier to be sorted out when through an actual human. We value time and know how important it can be, that’s why we offer our call connection services!

All4One Telecoms

HMRC Call Connection number 0900 8281110 • DVLA Call Connection number 0900 8280011