This non-affiliated call connection service will connect your call to HMRC.This call connection service is provided by All 4 One Telecoms. The direct number can be accessed for free here:

This call connection service is charged at £3.60 per minute with a minimum charge of £3.60, plus your phone company’s access charge operated by All 4 One Telecoms Ltd.

Call Connection Services
HMRC Customer Service Number-
0907 1265741

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All4One Telecoms is a directory with a call connection services to some of the UK’s biggest companies and brands! Our services give you direct access to companies’ telephone numbers and get you connected straight away. We can connect you to an HMRC phone number, in a fast and easy way. All our services are provided by All4One Telecoms ltd, we are not associated or affiliated with HMRC. When you use our call connection services to contact an HMRC, we connect you directly to an HMRC customer services number. As you may know the HMRC make it extremely challenging for you to access their phone number. Our services give direct access to connect with HMRC. At All 4 One Telecoms our call connection services connect your calls to an HMRC phone number 24/7. You are able to access our call connection services every day, at any time. We advise you to refer to HMRC’s opening hours when you need to speak to someone. To ensure you speak to someone you can access here:

When you use our call connection services to contact a HMRC customer support number, you most likely will be given the option to choose from various menu selections. We recommend you carefully listen to each option and select the relevant option that matches the reason for you call. This will help decrease your call time and transfer you directly to the relevant department. Reducing the chance that your call might have to be transferred again. For a quick and efficient call, we recommend having all relevant information regarding your call at hand and ready. Sometimes when a call is made there is a possibility that you might be presented with a wait time; This means you are placing within a queue until your call can be answered. Occasionally your call may also be put on hold while speaking to a representative. If long wait time or hold times become a problematic, you may prefer to use the free contact details provided on the HMRC website.

Today more and more businesses are now hiding their phone numbers and many of their customers are going through an extremely difficult search to find these numbers. We don’t make you search or answer questions before revealing a phone number. This is because our online support is less expensive for companies to manage and a preferred form of support. Our goal is to eliminate a difficult number searching by offering call directory services that connect you directly with the business you are searching for, fast and easy. Online support can be helpful, but we all know that sometimes we need a quick fix. Certain things are just easier to be sorted out when through an actual human. We value time and know how important it can be, that’s why we offer our call connection services!

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