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Call Charges Explained

Call connection service is charged at £6 plus your phone company’s access charge. 

We are not responsible for any phone provider access charges. These charges are set by your phone provider and we have no control over any access charges. To understand the costs of calling an 090 number please refer to your phone, mobile or network provider.

As an example, your phone provider may charge 30p per minute access charge, this is an additional charge decided and charged by your phone company, added-on to the £6 per minute charged by us.

Speak with your specific phone provider to find out more about these exact charges before using our service. Mobile phone plans tend to have different access charges so please check with your phone provider first. Here is a list of the major UK mobile providers, please contact them using the links below. These links are not proof of your access charge and we are not responsible for any information of the phone provider websites.

If you are using a mobile phone, please contact your phone provider below.